Get Your Digital House In Order

Lisa Apolinski is an international speaker, digital strategist, author and founder of 3 Dog Write Inc.  She is considered a digital engagement thought leader, working in the industry for over 20 years. Her focus is on the end user experience, whether the venue, technology or communication. As a digital strategist, she helps companies develop and share their message, particularly using digital assets and data application. She has been featured in Forbes on multiple occasions for her expertise on digital marketing growth strategies. She is a guest lecturer on new digital marketing trends, including at Columbia University and University of South Florida.

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Keynote and Workshop Topic

“Weathering The Digital Storm”

How To Fortify Your Digital Growth Strategies In Unpredictable Times

Digital engagement has become more important than ever, yet companies are not preparing their digital strategy for the changing, and challenging, economic environment. For every industry, preparation now will pay in digital dividends later.

From her experiences as a digital growth thought leader, as well as what she learned from her 20 plus years in the digital marketing field, Lisa Apolinski shows audiences how they can develop digital strategies that directly impact sales. Fortifying digital growth strategies is more critical than ever, and companies need to prepare for the changes coming.

Audiences learn how to make critical and appropriate changes to their digital strategies:

3 – The new paradigm in digital marketing and engagement: what is fact and what is fiction?

2 – Setting up your digital house: what are the top 4 mistakes companies make?

1 – Your digital fortification efforts: who can hurt them?

After this keynote or workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify what parts of the digital growth strategy should be reviewed
  • Utilize technology as a critical component of digital engagement
  • Decide on the best digital team, both inside and outside the organization

Value to Audience

Digital engagement has changed dramatically in the last decade. With so many shifts in best practices, understanding what parts of the digital growth strategy are important to review and fortify can help separate fact from fantasy, and focus your energy where it will have the most impact: on digital engagement, sales and ultimately, revenue.

Speaker Biography

Lisa Apolinski is an international speaker, author and recognized digital thought leader. She speaks on topics such as digital engagement best practices and how to create compassionate communication. She has been featured in Forbes on multiple occasions for her expertise on digital marketing growth strategies and has recently published her first book on this topic: Weathering The Digital Storm. She is also a board member and lecturer for the digital marketing certificate program at University of South Florida, where she works with other subject matter experts to educate the next generation of digital marketers.

Introduction: Here to speak to us today on “Weathering The Digital Storm” please welcome Lisa Apolinski (note: pronounced apple-IN-ski).

Prepare Your Digital House

Digital marketing is like a climb with no summit. But this climb, while continuous and difficult at times, can bring insight, growth, and strength to your organization. Weathering the Digital Storm will help prepare you and your organizations for the potentially perilous and ever-changing road ahead in the digital revolution.