Lisa Apolinski, CMC

Lisa Apolinski is an international speaker, digital strategist, author and founder of 3 Dog Write Inc. She is quickly becoming one of the top digital growth experts in the world, leading the industry for 20 years. Her focus is on the end user experience, whether the venue, technology or communication.

As a digital strategist, she helps companies develop and share their message, particularly using digital assets and data application. She has been featured in Forbes on multiple occasions for her expertise on digital marketing growth strategies. She is a guest lecturer on new digital marketing trends, including at Columbia University and University of South Florida.

As a result of working with Lisa and her agency, clients report having more engagement, more sales and more profit.

On a personal note, Lisa is a professional photographer and a contributor on Shutterstock.

Lisa Apolinski can be reached at 858-633-6403 or via email at

Prepare For The Digital Climb

Digital marketing is like a climb with no summit. But this climb, while continuous and difficult at times, can bring insight, growth, and strength to your organization. 

Weathering the Digital Storm will help prepare you and your organizations for the potentially perilous and ever-changing road ahead in the digital revolution. Digital growth strategies will need to be reimagined constantly to continue to be effective. Though you are never finished with your digital strategy this book will give you the tools to keep pace with the current technologies and be prepared for the discoveries to come.